× Important Information About COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Last Updated: February 22, 2021 8:14 EST

Reagan National Airport Traveler Update on Coronavirus

× Important Information About COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Last Updated: February 22, 2021 8:14 EST

Reagan National Airport Traveler Update on Coronavirus

Construction Advisories

Project Journey construction activity affecting passengers at Reagan National


Most customers who fly at Reagan National will be minimally impacted by Project Journey construction activities. Airlines and flights will continue operating throughout the project, with the usual services and amenities. Changes will be implemented in phases and announced here.

Passengers are invited to become more familiar with the project, its major milestones and key benefits. Be among the first to know about upcoming changes by subscribing to Project Journey advisories and updates.

View travel tips for navigating the airport during construction.

Airport Roadways

Road Work on Terminal B/C Ticketing Roadway 

  • Portions of the Terminal B/C Ticketing (upper-level) roadway are closed for work related to Project Journey.
  • At least two vehicular lanes remain open as the construction areas periodically change.
  • Drop-off and pick-up areas may be limited by lane reductions at Terminal B/C, which serves the following airlines: Alaska, American, Delta, JetBlue, United. Access to the terminal is available through any open doorway.
  • The work zone will be in place 24/7.

Terminal B/C Arrivals Roadway Closed to Most Vehicles (Except Taxis) 

  • The outer lanes of the Terminal B/C Arrivals (lower-level) roadway used for private vehicle and ride app pickup are closed 24/7 for construction. Those vehicles will follow signs to the Ticketing (upper-level) roadway.
  • All passengers arriving at Gates 10-45 and being picked up by a private vehicle or Lyft/Uber/Via must be picked up outside Ticketing/Check-In (Level 3).
  • The taxi pickup location remains unchanged, outside Baggage Claim (Level 1). 

Cell Phone Lot Closure

Terminal B/C Interior

Elevator Bank in Terminal B Closed

  • A pair of elevators connecting Ticketing (Level 3), Concourse/Gates (Level 2) and Baggage Claim (Level 1) in Terminal B is closed for construction.
  • Two remaining sets of elevators are available. Additionally, escalators are available.

Temporary Reduction of Exit Doors from Bag Claim (Lower) Level

  • Construction has closed exit doors at the ends of the Terminal B/C Arrivals level. 
  • Doors 1 through 3, and 10 through 12, are closed.
  • To exit the terminal for taxi pick-up, passengers should follow signs to Doors 4 through 9. All other pick-ups are located upstairs on the Ticketing level.

Closure of Ticketing (Upper) Level Door

  • As of November 3, 2020, construction has closed Door 3 on the Terminal B/C Ticketing level. 
  • Access between the terminal and roadway is available from any of the remaining five open doors.

Pedestrians to Navigate Through Temporary Protected Walkways

  • Pedestrians are using a protected corridor between Terminal B/C and the Metro station.
  • Expect periodic overnight closures of one of the two walkways.

Ground Transportation

All Shuttles and Most Other Vehicles Relocated to Ticketing Level – Terminal B/C

  • Roadway and curb capacity is reduced outside the Arrivals/Baggage Claim level of Terminal B/C.
  • All vehicle and shuttle bus operations, except Taxis, have moved to the Ticketing (upper) level.
  • Use elevators or escalators from Baggage Claim to reach the Ticketing level.
  • See below a map of ground transporation locations:

Sidewalk Closed from Terminal B/C to Mount Vernon Trail

  • The sidewalk leaving the airport to the north from Terminal B/C is closed during new concourse construction.
  • Pedestrians cannot walk outside north of Door 9 from Terminal C, due to fencing at the new security checkpoints construction site.
  • An alternate path connecting to the trail and Crystal City begins on the ground level of Terminal Garage C.

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About Project Journey

When Project Journey is completed, two new 50,000-square-foot security checkpoint buildings will replace three smaller checkpoints currently serving Terminal B/C – increasing the post-security space to include all of National Hall and its premier shops and restaurants for ticketed travelers. In addition, a new 14-gate concourse will replace Gate 35X – ending the need for travelers to ride buses to board regional jets parked outside. Concourse amenities will include jetbridges, holdrooms, concessions and an American Airlines Admirals Club lounge.