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Uber, Lyft, and Via offer transportation services to passengers arriving to and departing from Reagan National Airport.  For rides departing Reagan National customers should use their smartphone to select the appropriate pick up level and zone, and coordinate directly with their driver.  Green flags located outside on the terminal curb designate the appropriate pick-up loading zones.

  • Terminal A: Customers can meet their ride on the third (outer) curb. 
  • Terminal B/C: Customers can meet their ride on either the Baggage Claim (Arrivals) Level-1st Floor or the Ticketing/Check-In (Departures) Level-3rd Floor. 
  • Rental Car Center: Customers can meet their ride at the designated pick-up and drop-off location across from the Rental Car Shuttle Bus shelter located on National Avenue.

Off-Airport Shuttle Buses

Authorized shuttle buses (hotel shuttles and charter buses) may pick up customers from the following locations at the airport:

  • Terminal A: Customers can meet their shuttle bus (excluding charter buses) on the middle curb.
  • Terminal B/C: Customers can meet their shuttle bus (including hotel shuttles and charter buses) on the Ticketing/Upper level. 

Reagan National Airport Ticketing/Baggage Level Ground Transportation Map


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