Due to Project Journeypark free up to 60 minutes in Terminal Garages. For longer stays, regular parking rates will apply. Promotion is in effect for a limited time.

Park and Meet Inside Terminal A

Recommended parking location: "A" Terminal Parking

Drivers should take the elevator down to ground level and follow the underground walkway to Terminal A. 

Suggested meeting location: Baggage Claim 

  • Airlines in Terminal A: Air Canada, Frontier, Southwest


Park and Meet Inside Terminal B

-Recommended parking location: "B" Terminal Parking 

-Drivers parking in "B" Terminal Parking should take the covered walkway from Level 2 of the garage to the Terminal. Terminal B is to the right (south) when facing the terminal from the garage.

-Suggested meeting location: Baggage Claim - Drivers should take the escalator/elevator down one level to baggage claim. Please use the flight information monitors to determine which baggage carousel your passenger's luggage will be offloaded on.

  • Airlines in Terminal B: Alaska, American, Delta, JetBlue, United


Park and Meet Inside Terminal C

-Recommended parking location: "C" Terminal Parking

-Drivers parking in "C" Terminal Parking should take the covered walkway from Level 2 of the garage to the terminal.  Terminal C is to the left (north) when facing the Terminal from the garage.

-Suggested meeting location: Baggage Claim - Drivers should take the escalator/elevator down one level to Baggage Claim. Please use the monitors to determine which carousel your passenger's luggage will be offloaded on.  

  • Airlines in Terminal C: American


Pick-Up at the Curb

Drivers and passengers should agree on a specific meeting location outside the Terminal. All vehicles stopped at the curb must be actively loading or unloading passengers.  Consider parking in Terminal Parking until your passenger arrives and contacts you for pick-up.

Terminal A: Pick up at Terminal A is at ground level.  Cars may pull up anywhere long the terminal's outer traffic lane in the circle although we recommend you pull down to the far north end of the traffic circle as the curb as you enter is often congested.

Private Vehicle Pickup Terminal A

Terminals B and C: Pick up for privately owned vehicles for Terminals B and C are on the lower level.  Please be aware that construction may limit available curb space.  Passengers may also provide drivers a door number.  Passengers meeting friends and family will need to proceed to the second curb in to meet their ride. 

Reagan National Airport Ticketing/Baggage Level Ground Transportation Map

Terminals B and C: Passengers using app based ride services will meet their driver on the lower (bag claim) level, exiting the terminal through doors 5 and 6 and crossing to the passenger pick-up median. There is also an option in the app to select the ticketing (upper) level for pickup.

*Traveler Tip: If traffic on the arrivals level is heavy, you can pick up on the departures level. Just be sure your passenger knows to go to level 3.


Metrorail Station

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Metrorail Station is connected to Terminals B and C from walkways on Level 2 of the Concourse. Passengers coming by metro to meet their passenger on baggage claim will need to proceed down the escalator/elevator one level to meet the passenger on baggage claim. 

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