Reagan National Airport offers Smarte Carte baggage carts for rent. You will find cart corrals located on the Parking garages, Departures Level (curbside), and on the Arrivals Level next to the baggage claim carousels. Carts can be rented with a credit card or cash currency.  The cost is $5.00 per cart.

Terminal A Locations

  • Behind the Information Counter
  • Outside located along the taxi cab entrance

Terminal B Locations

  • Outside of Terminal B Metrorail location
  • Baggage Claim Level
  • Outside in between baggage claims 1 and 2 opposite of door 3
  • Outside of baggage claims 3 thru 6 opposite of doors 4 and 5
  • Outside of baggage claims 7 and 8 opposite of doors 6 and 7

Terminal C locations

  • Outside of Terminal C Metrorail location
  • Baggage Claim Level 
  • Outside of baggage claims 6 and 7
  • Inside Baggage Claim 11 and outside of baggage carousel 12 opposite door 8

Arrivals (outside locations)

  • Doors 4 and 5 American Airlines Arrivals Level
  • Door 3 United Airlines Arrival Level
  • Door 2 Delta Airlines Arrival Level
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