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  Location Category Name Gates 1-9 Food & Beverage Boar's Head Delicatessen Gates 1-9 Food & Beverage Cibo Express (1st Registers) Gates 1-9 Food & Beverage Cibo Express (2nd Registers) Gates 1-9 Food & Beverage Cibo Express (Pre-Security) Gates 1-9 Retail CTY Gates 1-9 Food & Beverage Custom Burger Gates 1-9 Food & Beverage District Gates 1-9 Food & Beverage Dunkin Donuts  (Pre-Security) Gates 1-9 Food & Beverage Dunkin Donuts (Gates 1-9) Gates 1-9 Food & Beverage Page Gates 1-9 Food & Beverage Reservoir Gates 1-9 Food & Beverage Tagliare Gates 10-14 Food & Beverage Bracket Room Gates 10-14 Food & Beverage Green Beans Coffee Gates 10-14 Retail NBC4 Gates 15-22 Food & Beverage Cava Mezze Grill Gates 15-22 Food & Beverage Good Stuff Eatery Gates 15-22 Food & Beverage Great American Bagel Gates 15-22 Food & Beverage Grille District Gates 15-22 Retail Hudson News (Gates 15-22) Gates 15-22 Retail iTravel 2 Gates 15-22 Food & Beverage Lickety Split Gates 15-22 Retail Sip Munch & More Gates 15-22 Food & Beverage Starbucks Coffee (Gates 15-22) Gates 23-34 Food & Beverage Big Bowl Gates 23-34 Food & Beverage Dunkin Donuts (Gates 23-34) Gates 23-34 Food & Beverage Dunkin Express (Gates 23-34) Gates 23-34 Food & Beverage El Centro D.F. Gates 23-34 Retail Forbes Gates 23-34 Food & Beverage Magic Pan Gates 23-34 Retail Say Si Bon Gates 23-34 Food & Beverage Smashburger Gates 23-34 Food & Beverage Taylor Gourmet Gates 23-34 Food & Beverage U Street Pub Gates 35-45 Food & Beverage &pizza Gates 35-45 Food & Beverage American Tap Room Gates 35-45 Food & Beverage Dunkin Donuts (Gates 35-35) Gates 35-45 Food & Beverage Dunkin Express (Gates 35-45) Gates 35-45 Food & Beverage Five Guys Gates 35-45 Food & Beverage Georgetown Gourmet Market Gates 35-45 Retail Hudson News (Gates 35-45) Gates 35-45 Food & Beverage Kapnos Taverna Gates 35-45 Retail Say Si Bon Gates 35-45 Food & Beverage Washington Pour Bar Gates 35-45 Food & Beverage Wow Bao Gates 35-45 Retail Pen & Prose Express Gates 46-59 Retail Capital File News Gates 46-59 Retail DC Originals Gates 46-59 Retail DC Proper Gates 46-59 Food & Beverage Elevation Burger Gates 46-59 Retail InMotion Entertainment (Gates 46-59) Gates 46-59 Food & Beverage Mezeh Mediterranean Grill Gates 46-59 Food & Beverage Pete's Coffee Gates 46-59 Food & Beverage PF Chang's Gates 46-59 Food & Beverage Timber Pizza Co. Gates 46-59 Retail WH Smith Gates 46-59 Food & Beverage Wolfgang Puck Bar and Bites National Hall Retail America! National Hall Food & Beverage Ben's Chili Bowl National Hall Retail Brighton National Hall Retail Brooks Brothers  National Hall Retail Capital Image National Hall Food & Beverage Chick-fil-A National Hall Retail CNBC   National Hall Retail DCA Sports National Hall Food & Beverage Dunkin Donuts (National Hall) National Hall Retail Elsen Oils National Hall Retail GenX Wireless National Hall Retail The Goods National Hall Retail Hudson News  (National Hall) National Hall Retail Ink by Hudson National Hall Retail InMotion Entertainment (National Hall) National Hall Retail iStore National Hall Retail Johnston & Murphy National Hall Food & Beverage Legal Sea Foods National Hall Retail M.A.C. National Hall Food & Beverage Matsutake Sushi National Hall Retail Pen & Prose Boutique National Hall Retail Scoreboard National Hall Retail Smithsonian National Hall Retail Spanx National Hall Food & Beverage Starbucks Coffee (National Hall) National Hall Retail Tresors Boutique National Hall Retail Tumi National Hall Retail Uniquely DC National Hall Retail Vineyard Vines National Hall Retail Washingtonian Terminal 2 (Pre-Security) Food & Beverage Café at DCA - North Terminal 2 (Pre-Security) Food & Beverage Café at DCA - South

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