Designated parking spaces are available for the disabled in vehicles displaying a government-issued plate or placard for use by the disabled. Other vehicles using these spaces are subject to ticketing and towing. Spaces have been designated in the Airport's public parking facilities:

  • Parking 1 and 2 - on each level close to elevators and Terminal 1 and 2 walkways
  • Economy Parking - designated spaces near all shuttle bus shelters

Parking in spaces established for the disabled is authorized for all vehicles which display a government-issued plate or placard for this purpose.  Other vehicles using these spaces are subject to ticketing and towing.  Spaces are available on a first-come, first serve basis and may not be reserved in advance.

When a parking facility is full, a uniformed parking assistant can assist you in locating the nearest available special needs parking space. Assistants will be posted outside the entrance of the full facilities. Let the uniformed parking assistant know you need a special needs accessible space; and please show the assistant your government-issued special needs parking credential.

All airport parking shuttles are wheelchair accessible and free of charge to all patrons.  They are equipped with motorized chair lifts or ramps. 

For further questions about available parking or to request assistance, please call 703-417-7275 or (417-PARK).

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