Flying Tigers Land at Reagan National Airport

Published: July 20, 2016

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport unveiled a new art exhibit featuring the historic “Flying Tigers” who joined forces with the U.S. to fight against the Japanese to end World War II. 


Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport unveiled a new art exhibit featuring the work of Haoqin Gong in collaboration with Radford University’s graphic design students and professors. The “Eastern” theme of Beihang University’s Haoqin Gong meets the “Western” graphic design work of Radford University.  

The historic “Flying Tigers” works demonstrate a brilliant confluence of Eastern and Western cultural collaboration that is celebrated in a series of artistic pieces depicting a victorious end to World War II. It celebrates the historical background of the 1941-1942 American Volunteer Group of the Chinese Air Force and their contribution to success in the battle against the Japanese. The artworks pay a colorful tribute to the volunteers’ dedicated service. The carefully crafted watercolor paintings by Haoqin Gong honor those lost during the war but also celebrate their victory. 

flying tigers, art

“The Art of Design” is presented by Radford University’s award-winning graphic design professors and students who contributed the works in the five display cases of the new exhibit. The teachers and students use digital 2D and 3D illustrations to bring life to wartime images as well as international and contemporary elements in the “West.” The exhibit will run through the end of September at the Gallery Walk in Terminal A.

The unique connection between the airport and the “Flying Tigers” extends beyond aviation. Reagan National Airport recently recognized its 75th anniversary in June, while the “Flying Tigers” are also celebrating 75 years since their heroic wartime efforts.

The “Flying Tigers” and “Art of Design” collaboration is one of the many exhibits that have been display at Reagan National and Washington Dulles International Airport as part of the Airports Authority’s Arts Program. The program offers diverse regional, national and international rotating exhibits, live performances and public art displays that celebrate the beauty and creativity of the National Capital Region. For more information about the Arts Program at Reagan National Airport visit