DCA Reagan National - Noise Monitoring System

Noise Monitoring System History & Locations

NMT 8 pic in textHistory

The first noise monitors were installed around Reagan National (DCA) in 1978 when the airport was operated by the FAA.  At Reagan National, a key FAA strategy for limiting aircraft noise exposure over the broader region is to maximize aircraft movements over water and minimize aircraft movements over more densely populated communities.  Since the FAA typically routes flights over the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers, many of the noise monitor locations - which were selected in consultation with member jurisdictions of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments -  are positioned along the river corridors. 

The primary objective of the noise monitoring system is to monitor historical trends experienced in neighboring communities as the result of aircraft and community noise contributions.

Federal rules prohibit real-time measured noise levels to be used to audit, investigate or enforce the DCA Nighttime Noise Rule.  Please see DCA Nighttime Noise Rule for more details.


    Noise Monitor Locations

    • Reagan National has 15 noise monitors.