DCA Reagan National - Complaint Dashboard

How to Review Reagan National Noise Complaints

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In June 2018, the Airports Authority became the first airport system to voluntarily launch an interactive Community Complaint Dashboard.

The Complaint Dashboard provides easy access to noise complaint data while allowing the public to independently conduct preliminary research to answer:

  • WHEN:    Complaints by Date, Complaints by Hour
  • WHERE:   Zip Code Heat Map and Statistics Table
  • WHO:       Top 10 Individuals, Households & Individuals by Year
  • WHAT:     Complaints by Disturbance Type


 Community Complaint Dashboard Link  (Open in Google Chrome for optimal formatting)

DCA Complaint Dashboard link image

Complaint Dashboard Tutorial Information:

dca complaint dashboard 5jun18

Complaint Dashboard Filter Panel:

  • ​​Date Range Filter:                   January 1, 2010 - Data Available (posted)
    • Hints 
    • Single Date Filtering:  Enter same Start/End date 
  • Optional Filters (3 per filter):   Disturbance Type, Hour, Zip Code
  • Total Counts:                           Total complaint and individual counts for filtered data

Dashboard header filters with edits 5jun18

Complaint Dashboard Data Panels:

Data Features:

  • Database Updates:  7th of each month for 2-months prior, i.e. April added June 7th
  • Information Tag:     Float curser over data field to view gray 'pop-up' information tag
  • Select Data:              Click selected field in data panel to filter other panels with relational data
  • Reset Data:               Click any field to reset all data panels to original filters
  • Expand Data:            Right-click field to:
    • Show Data:           Horizontal/vertical layout option in right corner
    • Include/Exclude:  Restart Dashboard after using feature

WHEN - Date and Hour:

            Complaints by Date:
           Dashboard counts by date
           Dashboard counts by date_vertically expanded


            Complaints by Hour of Day:
           Dashboard counts by hour
           dashboard counts by hour vertical

WHERE - Zip Codes:

    Heat Map:  Scroll In/Out, Click/Drag, Click to Select                  Table:  Click to Select
  Dashboard Zipcode                  Dashboard zipcode stats

WHO - Individuals and Households:

            Top 10 Individuals
           Dashboard top 10 individuals
           dashboard top 10 individuals vertically expanded

           Households & Individuals by Year/YTD

  • Demonstrates that more than 1 individual in a household may be submitting complaints
  • Households & Individuals by Year displays all data for a year, or year-to-date:
    • Date Range entry will be retained
    • Data Available will adjust to selected year
    • Dashboard Data Panels will populate with relational data for selected year
    • Click any field to reset to Date Range data
  • Example:  Households & Individuals by Year:  2017                 

           dashboard date range for households and individuals
           dca dashboard household and individuals example 2017 7jun18           

 WHAT - Disturbance Type:

  • Disturbance Type options are historical to DCA Reagan National and IAD Dulles International Airports
  • Multiple Disturbance Types may be associated with a single complaint
    • Each Disturbance Type is a percentage of the single complaint

             Complaints by Disturbance Type:
           dca dashboard disturbance type 7jun18
           Dashboard disturbance type vertica;