New Security Checkpoints opened on November 9, 2021, changing the way passengers on Alaska, American, Delta, JetBlue and United reach their gates.

  • This change affects access to Gates 10-59 and Terminals B and C.

Two Checkpoints: North and South. Follow the Signs to Reach Your Gate.

  • Passengers being dropped off, parking in Terminal Garages or arriving by Metrorail should look for airline signs first, which will help direct them to the checkpoint closest to their gate.
  • Signs to "Ticketing/Check-In" lead to airline check-in counters.
  • Following signs for Gates 10 through 59 will route passengers through the closer of the two new checkpoints.
  • Both new checkpoints provide access to the same range of gates.
  • Customers who already have boarding passes and no bags to check can follow signs to their numbered gate.

Video from Ticketing through the north checkpoint:

Video from Parking and Metro to the north checkpoint:


Ticketing and Drop-Off

  • There is no major change to airport traffic patterns. The main drop-off remains in its current location along the Ticketing/Check-in curb (Level 3). Airline ticket counters have not moved.
  • Passengers with boarding passes and no luggage can follow purple road signs to Express Drop Off for the fastest walk to Gates 10-59 without going up or down. Learn more
  • The checkpoints (north and south) are directly connected to Terminal Garages B and C, the Metrorail Station and the Ticketing/Check-In Level.
  • Dedicated ticket counters and kiosks are available for American (north checkpoint) and Delta (south checkpoint) customers in the new checkpoint buildings. This is in addition to the main airline counters on the Ticketing level.

Accessing Security Checkpoints from Ticketing/Check-In (Level 3)

  • Once the airline check-in process is completed on the Ticketing level, passengers can proceed down one level to TSA Security/Gates using new escalators and elevators between Doors 1 and 2 or Doors 5 and 6. Follow signs to numbered gates.

Reaching Your Gate, More Shopping and Dining Choices

  • Once through security screening, passengers can move freely between Gates 10-59 without exiting and re-entering the checkpoints.
  • Shopping and dining is no longer limited to individual gate areas.
  • Ticketed travelers have an additional 100,000 square feet of space to relax in before their flight. 

Terminal A (Gates 1-9) Passengers

  • Customers using Terminal A, serving Air Canada, Frontier and Southwest continue to check-in and be screened by TSA in Terminal A.
  • If arriving by Metrorail, follow signs for Terminal A and follow a new indoor corridor, which provides a convenient walking path.
Passenger path at Reagan National Airport's new south security checkpoint
The North Security Checkpoint is the closest checkpoint for American Airlines flights.
The new north security checkpoint is the closest checkpoint for American Airlines flights
The South Security Checkpoint is the closest checkpoint for Alaska, Delta, JetBlue and United flights, and it provides a pre-security, indoor connection to Terminal A.

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A guide to moving through the new security checkpoints