Project Journey Milestones


Project Milestones:

2017 and 2018 Activity 

Design and construction planning for Project Journey began in early 2017, and the demolition of aircraft hangars and the Airports Authority office building followed later that year. With 2018 came utility relocations and the installation of undergound piles at the site of two New Security Checkpoints adjacent to the Arrivals area of Terminal B/C. On the site of the New Concourse, contractors placed an initial phase of soil and allowed it to settle before re-grading it in preparation for apron paving.

Aerial view of New Concourse and North Securty Checkpoint sites, July 2019.

2019 Outlook

In 2019, customers will see significant progress on the project. Next steps in the process include:

New Security Checkpoint Construction 


  • Installing pile foundations on sidewalks and medians adjacent to existing roadways on the Arrivals level of Terminal B/C.
  • Erecting structural steel above the inner and outer lanes of the roadway on the Arrivals level of Terminal B/C.
  • Building out exterior walls with panes of electro-chromatic glass.


  • Preparing existing pedestrian bridges for connection to 50,000 square foot security checkpoint structures.
  • Removing and storing pieces of artwork to protect them from construction activity.
  • Installing secure divider wall consisting of steel-beamed bays, individual glass panels and open air, stainless steel mesh on the Ticketing level in Terminal B/C.

Protected Pedestrian Corridor in Terminal B, August 2019.

New Concourse Construction (including Apron)

  • Completing installation of pile and at-grade foundations to support new 14-gate concourse. 
  • Pouring concrete to form floors. 
  • Erecting structural steel to form frame of building.
  • Laying roofing material.
  • Beginning buildout of exterior walls with panes of energy efficient glass.
  • Assembling temporary barricade to protect Terminal C during construction.
  • Rearranging regional aircraft parking in preparation for next phase of apron construction. 
  • Placing second phase of soil to strengthen land prior to paving. 

Steel assembly progressing on site of New Concourse, July 2019.