× Important Information About COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Last Updated: May 20, 2020 9:56 EDT

Reagan National Airport Traveler Update on Coronavirus

× Important Information About COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Last Updated: May 20, 2020 9:56 EDT

Reagan National Airport Traveler Update on Coronavirus

New Security Checkpoints

Two New Security Checkpoints will be constructed above the Terminal B/C Arrivals roadway


More than twenty years ago, Reagan National’s passenger areas were designed to serve 15 million passengers annually. Today, more than 23 million passengers travel through the airport, straining infrastructure. In addition, passengers transferring between gate areas have to pass through another security checkpoint or ride a bus outdoors.

Project Update

Construction on the two New Security Checkpoints has reached a pivotal phase in 2020 as the buildings are beginning to take shape. All foundations are in place, and steel is being lifted and assembled over the Arrivals roadway. This work will continue through most of the year. Once the steel is fully framed, the buildings will be outfitted with electro-chromatic glass, to augment interior temperature control.

The video below shows the placement of the New Security Checkpoints in relation to Terminal B/C, plus the interior layout.


About the New Security Checkpoints Project

The New Security Checkpoints will be conveniently located between National Hall and walkways from the Metrorail station and parking garages. Upon activation, the new 50,000 square-foot checkpoints will expand screening capacity and create a seamless, free-flowing environment between Terminal B/C (Gates 10-45) and the new 14-gate concourse.

By relocating the existing security checkpoints, passengers will be able to move freely between gate areas and enjoy all the amenities the airport offers without having to be re-screened. The resulting terminal reconfiguration will provide passengers an improved post-security experience — alleviating gate area congestion while expanding access to a variety of shopping, dining and seating options.

The two New Security Checkpoints will be built above the existing arrivals roadway. The heaviest construction activity will take place during overnight hours, when passenger activity is lighter. Dustwalls will separate construction activity from public areas so normal terminal and airline operations can continue.
Project Journey: Transforming the Passenger Experience

Reagan National's current facilities were designed to serve 15 million passengers per year. But more than 23 million passengers traveled through the airport annually, setting new records and straining the existing infrastructure. In response, the airport launched Project Journey, a $1 billion investment to transform the traveler experience inside terminals, at the gates and along the roads. The end result will provide passengers with greater connectivity, more shopping and dining choices and a more pleasant post-security environment.

More renderings can be seen here.

Key Facts

  • Prime Contractor: Turner Construction
  • Project Forecast: $267,249,197
  • Notice to Proceed: October 2017
  • Estimated Completion: 2021

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