CLEAR Registered Traveler Program Expands to Reagan National

Reduce wait time at security screening checkpoints.


Passengers now have an additional option for speedier passage through security screening lines at Reagan National airport with the launch of the CLEAR registered traveler program. New kiosks stationed at security checkpoints at each airport verify enrolled passengers’ identity using biometric technology to expedite the traditional document check and advance directly into the screening area. Enrollment is fast and easy in airport terminals and at other CLEAR locations.

Airport enrollment kiosks at Reagan National are being activated near security checkpoint entrances, and the sign-up process takes just a few minutes. Once enrolled, CLEAR can be used immediately. Consult for complete enrollment requirements.

CLEAR members use kiosks in dedicated security lanes to scan their boarding pass and provide a fingerprint or iris scan to instantly verify their identity. Kiosks at Reagan National have been activated at the Gates 10-22 checkpoint (Alaska, Delta and United), with other checkpoints available in the coming days.  From the kiosk, customers will be escorted directly into the checkpoint by a CLEAR representative, for additional time savings. Customers who are also enrolled in TSA Pre-Check will have the added benefit of directly entering the Pre-Check screening area after CLEAR identity verification.

CLEAR has a one-month free trial and enrollment opportunities ranging from $79 up to $179 per year; accepted at a growing number of airports and sports venues and immediately available upon enrollment.